Hug Me Cactus Stencil DIY Chalk Couture Craft

I love this so much! First of all, it’s one of my favorite frames, our Sylvie. It’s reusable and super affordable for unbeatable quality!

For this project, it wins the MOST PASTE COLORS I’VE EVER USED in one project award LOL!


And there’s a full video tutorial below for you!

hug me chalk couture, cactus stencil, hug me cactus stencil, chalk couture

And here’s a full video tutorial:

DIY Paper Plate Holder from a Thrift Store Find

So I found this cute little box for a couple bucks at Goodwill and decided to work up some magic to make a paper plate holder from it. I added a piece to the front, chalked it, and then added some heavy duty magnets to attach it to the fridge! I figured this would be…

How to Make a T-Shirt with Chalk Couture Ink

I found this really cute tank top at Old Navy and knew I had to ink it! I have a link to all the tools I used below. And as I said in the video, I added all of our mini stencils so you can choose the ones you like. You can just delete the…

How to Use Miter Shears and Why You Need Them For Crafting

Check out my new favorite tool for crafting!! These are called Miter Shears and you can get them from Amazon or any local hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot. I’ll show you what they can do below! Here’s a quick tutorial on just a few things you can do with them. Possibilities are endless…

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